Coccyx Cushion Reviews : 10 Best Coccyx Pillow

Going through the day with tailbone pain, when sitting can definitely make your life very stressful. But now you can enjoy your best, most comfortable sitting experience ever with the help of Coccyx Pillow. We have compiled a list of  10 Best Coccyx Cushion available in the market, which we hope that our website visitor will sure found helpful.

Coccyx Cushion Reviews : 10 Best Coccyx Pillow

10 Best Coccyx Pillow/ Coccyx Cushion :-

#1 Large FIRM Tush Cush Seat Cushion – Navy


This Unique Premium Quality Tush Cush is intended to reduce and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other pains connected with sitting. Cutout section suspends your tailbone (coccyx) lowering stress on your lower lumbar discs. Wedge shape (slant from the back 3″ down to 1/2″ in the front) tilts your pelvis forward to restore your spine’s natural lumbar lordotic curve. High-resilient polyurethane foam won’t flatten with use. Zippered velour cover is machine washable. Includes fabric handle for easy carrying. For individuals weighing over 200 lbs, the company recommend the Firm Tush-Cush.

#2 Coccyx Gel Seat Cushion With Fleece Top 16″ D x 18″ W x 3″

This Coccyx Pillow relieves pressure on the tailbone and spine. It feature 3″ High density foam with gel pad in the center.

#3 Carex Inflatable Ring Cushion, Rubber

This durable, heavy-gauge cushion conforms to the natural contours of the body for comfort. It cleans with just a damp cloth, and is easy to infl ate and deflate. Product contains natural rubber.

#4 Coccyx Cushion – Extra Soft – 16″ x 13″ x 3″ to 1.5″

The Visco Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion is made of top quality standard density memory foam (3.5lb), which helps reduce back pain by minimizing the pressure on the backbone and coccyx. The temperature-sensitive coccyx pillow foam interacts with body heat to delicately mold to your shape and offers customized level of comfort. The cut-out section removes painful pressure on the tailbone. Do you know that Sloping wedge shape assists correctly align spine and tilts the pelvis forward to restore the natural lumbar curve, a posture often suggested by physicians to provide maximum comfort and relief. Furthermore, this cushion can be utilized with just about any seat such as Car seat, Office chair, Home…..almost anywhere.

#5 BodySport Ring Cushion

This Molded foam support comfortably conforms to body contour Relieves pain associated with coccyx injuries and hemorrhoids. Furthermore, it helps prevent back and hip strain Designed for car seat or chair Removable, washable poly/cotton cover Blue.

#6 Gseat G Seat Orthopedic Gel Chair Comfort Cushion

The GSeat Gel Seat Cushion eliminates soft tissue pressure and suspends the tailbone (coccyx) , which reduces direct stress on the backbone. Furthermore, its Gentle forward slope facilitates correct lumbar curvature while seated. Gel disperses pressure more properly than foam, relieving pressure points and improving circulation. The GSeat features the premier material in gel technology, which retains its shape and cushioning properties a lot better than any other polymers and foams, currently available in the market. It offers relief from the stressful affects of being seated for long periods of time, like low back pain, stiffness and numbness in the lower legs.

#7 Contour Products Freedom Seat

The Contour Freedom Seat is made from high-density foam that helps disperse bodyweight equally, minimizing uncomfortable pressure points. Its Zero pressure tailbone cutout lowers direct contact between the chair and your tailbone region for more comfortable sitting. The graduated edge allows position hips for better alignment and position. The curved front design prevents pressure to lower thighs. The angled wedge layout rotates your pelvis, eliminating strain on the lower backbone.

#8 Genuine Corflex Medic-Air Seat Cushion 18″ x 15 3/4″

This seat cushion provides comfortable, stress free sitting with a gentle layer of air that helps eliminate pressure points. Adjustable density by adding or subtracting air. Suitable for office, sporting events or short term wheelchair use.

#9 Tush Cush Original Orthopedic Seat Cushion – Navy

Tush Cush Orthopedic Cushion Firm, wedge-shaped cushion is ideal for use during floor exercises and for sitting for long periods. Tips pelvis forward to comfortably align spine and reduce stress on lower back. Coccyx area is suspended over U-shaped cutout to decrease pressure on tailbone. Polyurethane foam tapers from 2¾” to 1″ high. Latex free.Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale.

#10 Contoured Foam Ring Pillow – 18″ White

Contoured Foam Donut Pillow (shown without cover) The Molded Foam Donut Pillow is made of one-piece, puncture-proof molded foam. The ring shape of the cushion comfortably conforms to body contours reducing pressure point discomfort. Contoured Foam Ring Pillow Features Specially designed ring-shaped foam pillow relieves pressure on sensitive areas. Molded, high compression polyurethane foam. Ideal for more comfortable sitting for those who are pregnant. Sitting relief for those experiencing hemorrhoid pain, hip bursitis, prostrate inflammation, coccyx fracture, coccyx pain, tailbone fracture, tailbone pain or anal pain. Foam donut pillows enhance the comfort of any seating surface – in your care, your home or your office chair. Available in small (14″), medium (16″) or large (18″) Ring shape comfortably conforms to body contours. Available in White, Navy or plaid.