Coccydynia Exercises for relieving Coccyx Pain or Tailbone Pain

We have written a helpful and informative article about various coccydynia exercises, which we believe will definitely prove helpful for patients in relieving Coccyx Pain or Tailbone Pain. Coccydynia and coccydygodynia are just some of the medical terms for tailbone pain. There are some instances that coccydynia would just eventually resolve on its own without the need for further treatment. When the pain seems to persist, do not right away resort to the sophisticated modes of treating coccydynia. There are nifty ways on how one can deal with coccydynia and that is through some exercise routines. Nevertheless, before you engage in any form of coccydynia exercise routines, do not forget to consult your doctor first because there may be some considerations before you will be allowed to participate in such. When performed the proper way and of course, under the supervision of a medical specialist, exercise is an effective form of treating coccydynia.

Coccydynia Exercises :-

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises are one of the effective ways in dealing with coccydynia. This form of exercise is especially indicated for women who have just given birth because during pregnancy and the entire delivery process, the coccyx has a huge tendency to get overstretched. Kegel exercise is helpful in controlling pain associated with coccydynia because this strengthens the pelvic floor which happens to be the muscle which supports the uterus. This exercise may be performed by controlling the flow of urine. When you do so you are contracting the pelvic floor muscle and at the same time strengthening it. It is suggested that you perform this without having to squeeze the gluteus muscle and as well as the thighs. This exercise is believed to help relieve coccydynia.

Kegel Exercises : Coccydynia Exercises

Stomach Exercises

Another effective way in dealing with coccydynia is through some abdominal exercises. This is according to Maeve Whelan, a physiotherapist based in Dublin. Abdominal exercises can relieve coccydynia because the transverses abdominus muscles are being strengthened. Stomach exercise routines can be done by lying flat on your back. Your knees have to be in a bent position and then you have to contract your abdominal muscles. You should keep your stomach contracted for about a second then loosen up.

Stomach Exercises : Coccyx Pain Exercise

Anal Lock ( Moola Bandha)

Anal lock usually involves stimulation of the nerves that surround the coccyx and the sacrum. This, too, can strengthen the pelvic floor. If you want to try the anal lock, you may sit or lie down followed by tightening your anal sphincter with all your might so long as it is not causing you any discomfort. Keep the anal sphincter contracted for about 10 seconds then slowly ease up. Anal lock may be performed around 10 to 15 times within a day.

Anal Lock ( Moola Bandha)

Weightless squats

Weightless squats will help you build some muscular strength and help with your balance if you have nothing else to use. Repeated weightless squats reduced or relieve your coccyx or tailbone pain.
Weightless squats - Coccyx Exercises



Few patients has found that running and walking on a treadmill, few minutes a day for a regular period, relieves his/her coccyx pain.

Treadmill - Coccyx Excersises

Hamstring stretch

Few patients has observed that that physiotherapy and hamstring stretches relieved his pain, because the hamstrings are probably the most commonly tight muscles and thus can contribute towards coccyx pain.

Hamstring stretch - Coccyx Exercise


The spiral release will stretch the lower back, waistline, chest, shoulder, and neck. Move slowly through the stretch.

stretching-low-back- coccyx pain

If you suffer from coccyx pain, do some stretching back when lying on his back or on your hands and knees in a position of non-weight bearing (decompression mobilization) if it is done with great caution ! Backup we need a break from gravity. Gravity is constant tension and compression of the vertebrae together.

stretching coccyx pain exercises

Yoga Positions

Basic yoga forms are also helpful in dealing with coccyx pain. Especially Shalabasana or Locust Pose, & Bridge Pose.

locust-pose : Coccyx Exercises

Locust Pose


Bridge-Pose : Coccyx Exercise

Bridge Pose

Clamshell exercises

Clamshell exercise is fantastic for activating some of the more functionally important hip/pelvis stabilizer muscles and plays a major role to relieve low back pain and coccyx pain.

clamshell exercises : Coccyx Exercises

Physical Therapy

When all your efforts exercising at home just to relieve yourself from coccydynia does not seem to work then you should tell this to your doctor. You may be referred to a physical therapist because he has the knowledge on how to properly manipulate and massage the muscles near the coccyx area. You may also be taught some exercise routines that would provide relief from coccyx pains. Take the time to familiarize these exercises as you may also do these at home for continued rehabilitation.

These are just some of the exercises that would help relieve tailbone pain. Before even attempting to perform any of these, discuss it with your doctor first because he is the only one who has the exact knowledge on how to manage your condition. Who knows, maybe all you need is an ample amount of rest.

Please share your feedback/experience that have you try any of these these exercises, and what are their outcomes. Both positive and negative feedback will be helpful for others patients in choosing right coccydynia exercises.