Various Types of Coccyx Cushions that Help Relieve Coccydynia

The Physicians mostly advised patients to use a coccyx cushion to reduce pressure on the spinal column and avoid tailbone pain. The coccyx is located at the end portion of the vertebral column. Any assault to the coccyx such as fractures, cracks and dislocations would surely trigger pain over the coccygeal area which is better known as coccydynia. Coccydynia is immensely debilitating for an individual, especially in terms of performing mundane tasks. The worse part is that sitting would absolutely send an individual in pain. So as to relieve coccydynia, coccyx cushions have been designed. These are created to enable the affected individual to perform his or her activities of daily living. Even if you have coccydynia, you can still sit for long hours working at the office or simply watching your favorite show at home, without being bothered by the agonizing pain on the coccyx. A coccyx cushion helps control coccydynia by relieving the pressure over the coccyx especially when an individual is in a sitting position. These coccyx cushions are made up of different types of materials and designed in different cuts to fit your condition and bring forth maximum amount of comfort.

Various Types of Coccyx Cushions available in the market

The common types of coccyx cushions out in the market nowadays include the following:

Ring Coccyx CushionRing Coccyx Cushion :- These cushions are oftentimes shaped like a doughnut. This type of cushion is especially effective in dealing with coccydynia associated with hemorrhoids, bruising and prostate enlargement. Ring cushions can either be made of gel or air and these can be inflated. You have the option to choose whatever size of ring cushion which you think would bring utmost comfort for you. The bane of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this cannot be used for over a long period of time.

Gel Coccyx CushionGel Coccyx Cushion :- As the name suggests, this type of cushion is a mixture of gel and foam. Gel coccyx cushions are reputed for the great stability they provide. The gel coccyx cushion provides maximum comfort by relieving and evenly distributing the pressure that is building up around the coccygeal area. It also features a cut out portion especially designed to prevent the coccyx from touching a hard surface. Your weight is also ideally distributed over a gel coccyx cushion. This effectively deals with coccydynia but this is considerably pricey over the other types of coccyx cushions.

Memory Foam Coccyx CushionMemory Foam Coccyx Cushion :- Another type of coccyx cushion is called the memory foam coccyx cushion. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was the one which innovate visco-elastic foams that were to be originally used for aeronautics purposes. However, specialists from the medical field, specifically orthopedics, have accidentally discovered the excellent use of this type of material as a coccyx cushion. The memory foam coccyx cushion is created from these visco-elastic foams and this is considerably denser compared to other types of coccyx cushion. Since this is a memory type of foam, this can easily assume the contour of your own built thus preventing the accumulation of pressure especially around the coccyx. You don’t have to worry about warped memory foam coccyx cushion because this is considered temperature-sensitive which allows it to recover its original shape. Memory foam coccyx cushion is also highly durable so you may use this for a longer duration. There also other types of coccyx cushion which are considerably less dense than that of the memory foam because they are entirely built from firm, sturdy and less dense material yet they still provide optimum comfort especially when used along with padded seats. Nowadays, visco-elastic foams are being used in nearly every aspect of daily living.

Air/Inflatable Coccyx CushionAir/Inflatable Coccyx Cushion :- You may also make use of an air or an inflatable coccyx cushion. You have the option to inflate or deflate the coccyx cushion in any size that you want. The greatest advantage of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this is pretty handy and you can carry it with you anywhere you go. The firmness of the inflatable coccyx cushion would depend on the amount of air in it. When you find it more comfortable with little air inside the cushion, you may opt to deflate it. The pitfall of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this may not entirely be that durable and this is only intended for short term use.

Sloping Coccyx CushionSloping Coccyx Cushion :- The sloping coccyx cushion is also ideal for those who sit for long periods of hours, especially those who are working over time at their offices. Not only is this good for office use but this can as well be placed on car seats. This is excellently made of polyurethane foam which is considered to be highly resilient and its cover is made of velour camel that is entirely washable. The sloping coccyx cushion works by tilting the pelvis thereby retaining the normal lumbar alignment and preventing coccydynia. This also has a cut-out feature which prevents the pelvis from touching on a hard surface. This is also a good choice for relieving coccydynia.

Wedge Coccyx CushionWedge Coccyx Cushion :- The wedge coccyx cushion works in the same fashion as the sloping coccyx cushion does. This one is also made of durable polyurethane material and is machine washable. With the wedge coccyx cushion, the coccyx area will be suspended on the cut-out portion which leads to relief from pressure thence resolving coccydynia.

Apart from above-mentioned coccyx cushions, there are several other types of coccyx cushion. You have the freedom to choose which one brings forth maximum amount of comfort. With ample amount of knowledge on your condition and as well as on choosing various types of coccyx cushion, you are spared from suffering from coccydynia and you can breathe through life much easily.