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How to get Relief from Coccyx Pain

A coccyx or tailbone injury leads to pain and discomfort in the tailbone region (the condition is known as coccydynia or coccygodynia). Generally, Coccyx Pain can be a consequence of injury to the coccyx during a fall, extensive sitting on a hard or narrow surface, degenerative joint changes, or vaginal childbirth.

coccyx pain relief

Most pain suffers has experienced that a coccyx pain usually gets sharp during some specific activities, for example sitting, rising from a seated to a standing posture or continuous standing. Defecation and sexual intercourse may also become painful. For women, tailbone pain could make menstruation painful as well.

Medical experts believe that although tailbone pain may be slow to heal, but the majority of coccyx injuries can be managed with conservative treatment. Here are some suggestions, which a patient can follow to get relief from coccyx pain :-

  • Improve your sitting position. Trying to keep your back firmly against the chair, knees level with your hips, & feet should be flat.
  • Lean forward while sitting down.
  • Use Coccyx Pillows to get instant pain relief, because these pillow to help take pressure off the coccyx when sitting. There are large of coccyx cushions available in the market, but you can use any type of pillows. For more information check Top 10 best coccyx pillows.
  • Avoiding sitting for prolonged periods, or placing any pressure on the area, as much as possible.
  • You can use some Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). The most widely used NSAIDs are ibuprofen, naproxen and COX-2 inhibitors, that really help lessen the inflammation around the coccyx which is usually a cause of the pain.
  • Applying ice or a cold pack to the area repeatedly a day to the affected region for the first couple of days following the pain starts. Applying heat or a hot pack to the area is suggested after the first few days.
  • If the tailbone pain is triggered or elevated due to irregular bowel movements, then high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water is highly recommended.

If the pain is prolonged or intense, then following options should be followed to get relief from coccydynia:-

  • Injection :-  A local injection of a local anesthetic (lidocaine) and steroid (to lower swelling in the area) can offer some relief from coccyx pain for a few weeks.
  • Manipulation :- Some sufferers get pain relief through manual manipulation, under which massaging is carried out towards the muscles connected to the tailbone to get relief from tailbone pain. Manipulation is usually done through the rectum.
  • Physical therapy :- Gently stretching the ligaments linked to the coccyx can be beneficial. A physiotherapist or other properly skilled healthcare specialist can offer guidance about the exercises to improve your abdomen and pelvic floor. Physical therapy with ultrasound examination is considered very good option for getting pain relief from coccyx pain.
  • Surgery :- During this procedure, which is termed as a coccygectomy, the coccyx is surgically removed. This method is typically only advised when all other treatment options are unsuccessful.

Donut Pillow : A Great Pain Relieving Seating Cushion

Sitting for very long hours in an uncomfortable chair can turn out to be an extremely painful experience. If you must remain seated throughout the whole day, then you should have to use the Inflatable Donut Pillow that has been specifically developed to offer the support to the body so that you stay comfortable. Its unique design ensures comfort and support for your lower part and the whole in its middle puts no strain on your coccyx area (the tailbone).

Donut Pillow : A Great Pain Relieving Seating Cushion

The ergonomic design of the memory foam Donut Seat Cushion enables you to sit lowering the force in the coccyx area. The donut pillows are great for:-

  • post-natal discomfort
  • post-operative pain
  • haemorrhoids
  • Pregnancy pain relief
  • bruised coccyx, broken coccyx (tail bone) and general coccyx pain
  • hip bursitis
  • prostrate inflammation
  • general anal pain
  • other painful conditions

Main Features of Donut Seat Cushion :-

1. Relieve Pain by Lowering Pressure :- 

This comfortable cushion has a Donut Shape that guarantees you support for your bottom and the empty space in the centre gives you also redirects the weight of your body in an equally while avoiding force on lower body and legs. The Donut Pillow is built to reduce the pressure a normal chair puts on the pelvic floor, which leads to

  • Increase of healthy blood circulation and oxygen to affected body organ
  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • Lower discomfort and provides pain relief

2. Dual-Layer Cushion Provides Support and comfort

The Donut Pillow is made from dual foam layers with center doughnut hole shape cutouts. A strong, durable bottom layer offers full support even on softer surfaces for instance a couch, while a soft top Foam Layer provides complete sitting ease and comfort.

3. Highly versatile

The Donut Cushions are extremely versatile, because it can be used at home, on your travels, in hospital, at work place, wheelchair – anyplace you sit. Therefore donut cushion is the ideal travel companion.

How to use Donut Pillow to Get Good Results 

  1. Place your donut cushion on the seat of the chair.
  2. Make sure that the cushion is placed in center of the seat, and the back of the donut cushion should touching that area, where the chair’s seat and back support meet.
  3. Now, Sit on the donut cushion, ensuring that your tailbone is centered over the cushion’s hole.
  4. Once seated on the donut cushion, lean forward slightly rather than lying back to further decrease tailbone pressure.

Top 5 Donut Pillows:-


Coccyx Seat Cushion offers Pain Relief & Support to the Lower Back

The Coccyx Seat Cushion helps to reduce coccyx pain (Coccydynia discomfort); offer therapeutic relief and support to the lower back and tailbone area of the body, which occurs generally due to improper sitting, excessive sitting, sitting down on hard surface or too quickly and/or with an excessive amount of force. Coccyx Seat Cushions, which are ergonomically designed wedge shape with a V-shaped opening positioned at the rear of the pillow, supports your tailbone pressure or pain on the tailbone (Coccyx) and/or discomfort aggravated by sitting. Furthermore, these kinds of cushions, also provide some measure of pain relief to those people suffering from moderate-to-severe conditions of hemorrhoids, reduce tailbone pain during pregnancy, and other health conditions occurred from or connected with being seated for too much time. The best thing about such type of cushion, that it is made from highly durable and resilient memory foam, which provide stable support and correct spinal alignment for better posture..

The Coccyx Seat Cushion helps to reduce coccyx pain and tailbone pain

Coccyx Seat Cushion

Features :-

  • Coccyx Seat Cushions are ideal for use in the home, office, while traveling by car, plane or train.
  • Removable, machine washable, zippered, cotton cover.
  • Latex Free

Uses :-

  • to relieve coccygeal pain or coccyx pain
  • provides pressure relief for the coccyx region
  • to help relieve lower back pain or tailbone Pain
  • to relieve Hip joint pain
  • recovering from a tailbone injury
  • Wants a comfortable wheelchair seat cushion to reduce lower back pain
  • To reduce pain and irritation resulting from hemorrhoids
  •  To reduce tailbone pain during pregnancy

Best Coccyx Seat Cushions (Top 5 Options):-

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5 Common Mistakes that Worsen Coccyx Pain

If you have ever experienced coccyx or tailbone pain, you probably know how annoying is to try to get pain relief. Some patients experience coccydynia or inflammation of the tailbone and pain in the region between the buttocks only temporarily. Yet for some individuals, tenderness and pain are on-going and may be quite acute.

5 Common Mistakes that Worsen Coccyx Pain

No matter whether your pain is due to a known injury or overexertion or it’s more of a chronic condition without having visible cause, there are different ways to avoid making the pain involved in coccydynia worse. Sadly, there are also mistakes people generally make that really worsen the situation and intensify pain.

You can remain as comfortable as possible by staying away from the following 5 mistakes that can give you coccyx pain:

1. Sitting for very long durations
Sitting for too long time periods is among the main factor for worsen coccyx pain. So, Take regular breaks from sitting and either stand or kneel as an alternative as often as you need to as long as you need to in order to avoid tailbone pain.

2. Feeling self-conscious
People usually bother about standing up while some others are sitting down and allow feelings of shame to keep them from avoiding pain. No matter whether you are at a church service, work conference, musical performance or movie theater, if standing up will relieve pain and also you know it – don’t stay sitting. Most persons are aware that sitting down for long periods is painful for those who possess certain back problems. Therefore, If someone is irritated because of your standing, it’s their issue – not yours.

3. Neglecting to use a coccyx cushion
A specially designed coccyx cushion can help you prevent pain whenever you’re sitting. By using this special cushion, which includes cut out in the back, where your tailbone would usually rest on the chair’s base. Preventing that pressure can make a big difference between severe tailbone pain and pain-free sitting.

4. Not utilizing a coccyx cushion regularly
Once you realise a special seating cushion can help you reduce pain, you will want to use it all the time, right? The issue is, people don’t. They don’t prefer to carry one around in public, or they “neglect” to place one in the car. If you are serious about avoiding coccyx pain for a long time, you must use a coccyx cushion whenever you sit for e.g. during driving, at the office, when you go outside to restaturant and just about anywhere else you may go where you will be sitting.

5. Using the inappropriate type of cushion for coccyx pain
Cushions that are created to offer lower back support or reduce low back pain won’t be the same as coccyx pain cushions. They may cause equally as much tailbone pain as ignoring to use a cushion at all. So-called “donut” cushions are still wrongly recommended for use to reduce coccyx pain. In fact, you’ll need a cushion that’s cut out at the back to prevent putting strain on the coccyx. Wedge-shaped pillows that are cut out also work very well for many people.

What is Coccyx ?

The coccyx originates from a Greek word that when translated into English would mean cuckoo. This is actually likened to that of the cuckoo’s curved beak especially on a side view. The coccyx is otherwise known as the tailbone and this is anatomically located at the end portion of the vertebral column, inferior to the sacrum to be exact. The coccyx comprises around 3 to 5 fused or detached coccygeal vertebrae. This is being joined to the sacrum through the sacrococcygeal symphysis. This is a type of fibrocartilaginous material which allows limited range of motion of the sacrococcygeal joint.

What is Coccyx ?

Without you paying much attention to it, the coccyx is actually a very important part of the body. The theory of evolution believes that the coccyx is actually the relic of the tail that earlier human forms used to have. All humans and primate forms do have the coccyx. One cannot just be nonchalant about the coccyx because this maintains specific functions in the body. In fact, the coccyx is the location of some attachments of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Having your coccyx removed would bring about certain changes in the way you function or move. One important function of the coccyx is that it is the structure that supports especially when an individual assumes a sitting position. The ischial tuberosities and its other parts serve as a support structure when a person is sitting and happens to lean forward. However, the coccyx assumes much of the weight when a person sits and leans backward. So, you can just imagine sitting without your coccyx supporting at the very base of the vertebral column. The different portions of the coccyx actually assume different functions. For instance, the anterior part is entirely responsible for the functions of the pelvic floor such as micturition and defecation because the coccygeus, iliococcygeus and pubococcygeus muscles are attached herein. On the other hand, the posterior part of the coccyx serves as the support structure of the anus and it’s also where the gluteal muscles attach into. Aside from these essential functions of the coccyx, this is also where we can find the attachments of ligaments such as the anterior and posterior ligaments. Their ends are located at the sacrococcygeal ligaments. The coccyx also serves as an extension to the pia mater.

Since the coccyx is the location of several attaching ligaments, this appears to be slightly concave out in the front with transverse grooves which makes it ideal for the attachment of the sacrococcygeal ligament. Portion of the anterior coccyx also provide some support to the rectum. Just like the anterior side, the posterior aspect of the coccyx also has some transverse grooves.

The coccyx is also vulnerable to certain types of injuries. Often, a bruised tailbone or coccyx develops. When pain is felt at some point on the coccyx, this is referred to as coccydynia. Sports, car accidents, falls and other mishaps have a huge tendency of injuring the coccyx. Other than that, tumors may also grow within the coccyx itself. The most common type of tumor that can be found over the coccyx is called sacrococcygeal teratoma. Coccydynia without serious pathology may be managed through conventional pain medications. However, more severe ones would often require surgery so as to correct the existing condition. The commonly performed surgical procedure involving the coccyx is coccygectomy or the removal of the coccyx. Often, before allowing the patient to undergo this type of surgery, the doctor has to carefully do some assessment first owing to the fact that the important functions of the coccyx will be lost following the surgery. This is also considered to be a critical procedure and must be done with utmost dexterity. The good thing is that, problems involving the coccyx are oftentimes dealt with effectively even without resorting to surgery.

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Coccyx Cushions that Help Relieve Tailbone Pain

The coccyx is located at the end portion of the vertebral column. Any assault to the coccyx such as fractures, cracks and dislocations would surely trigger pain over the coccygeal area which is better known as coccydynia. Coccydynia is immensely debilitating for an individual, especially in terms of performing mundane tasks. The worse part is that sitting would absolutely send an individual in pain. So as to relieve coccydynia, coccyx cushions have been designed. These are created to enable the affected individual to perform his or her activities of daily living. Even if you have coccydynia, you can still sit for long hours working at the office or simply watching your favorite show at home, without being bothered by the agonizing pain on the coccyx. A coccyx cushion helps control coccydynia by relieving the pressure over the coccyx especially when an individual is in a sitting position. These coccyx cushions are made up of different types of materials and designed in different cuts to fit your condition and bring forth maximum amount of comfort. The common types of coccyx cushions out in the market nowadays include the following:

Ring Coccyx Cushion :-

Ring Coccyx CushionThese cushions are oftentimes shaped like a doughnut. This type of cushion is especially effective in dealing with coccydynia associated with hemorrhoids, bruising and prostate enlargement. Ring cushions can either be made of gel or air and these can be inflated. You have the option to choose whatever size of ring cushion which you think would bring utmost comfort for you. The bane of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this cannot be used for over a long period of time.

Gel Coccyx Cushion :-

Gel Coccyx CushionAs the name suggests, this type of cushion is a mixture of gel and foam. Gel coccyx cushions are reputed for the great stability they provide. The gel coccyx cushion provides maximum comfort by relieving and evenly distributing the pressure that is building up around the coccygeal area. It also features a cut out portion especially designed to prevent the coccyx from touching a hard surface. Your weight is also ideally distributed over a gel coccyx cushion. This effectively deals with coccydynia but this is considerably pricey over the other types of coccyx cushions.

Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion :-

Memory Foam Coccyx CushionAnother type of coccyx cushion is called the memory foam coccyx cushion. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was the one which innovate visco-elastic foams that were to be originally used for aeronautics purposes. However, specialists from the medical field, specifically orthopedics, have accidentally discovered the excellent use of this type of material as a coccyx cushion. The memory foam coccyx cushion is created from these visco-elastic foams and this is considerably denser compared to other types of coccyx cushion. Since this is a memory type of foam, this can easily assume the contour of your own built thus preventing the accumulation of pressure especially around the coccyx. You don’t have to worry about warped memory foam coccyx cushion because this is considered temperature-sensitive which allows it to recover its original shape. Memory foam coccyx cushion is also highly durable so you may use this for a longer duration. There also other types of coccyx cushion which are considerably less dense than that of the memory foam because they are entirely built from firm, sturdy and less dense material yet they still provide optimum comfort especially when used along with padded seats. Nowadays, visco-elastic foams are being used in nearly every aspect of daily living.

Air/Inflatable Coccyx Cushion :-

Air Inflatable Coccyx CushionYou may also make use of an air or an inflatable coccyx cushion. You have the option to inflate or deflate the coccyx cushion in any size that you want. The greatest advantage of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this is pretty handy and you can carry it with you anywhere you go. The firmness of the inflatable coccyx cushion would depend on the amount of air in it. When you find it more comfortable with little air inside the cushion, you may opt to deflate it. The pitfall of using this type of coccyx cushion is that this may not entirely be that durable and this is only intended for short term use.

Sloping Coccyx Cushion :-

Sloping Coccyx CushionThe sloping coccyx cushion is also ideal for those who sit for long periods of hours, especially those who are working over time at their offices. Not only is this good for office use but this can as well be placed on car seats. This is excellently made of polyurethane foam which is considered to be highly resilient and its cover is made of velour camel that is entirely washable. The sloping coccyx cushion works by tilting the pelvis thereby retaining the normal lumbar alignment and preventing coccydynia. This also has a cut-out feature which prevents the pelvis from touching on a hard surface. This is also a good choice for relieving coccydynia.

Wedge Coccyx Cushion :-

Wedge Coccyx CushionThe wedge coccyx cushion works in the same fashion as the sloping coccyx cushion does. This one is also made of durable polyurethane material and is machine washable. With the wedge coccyx cushion, the coccyx area will be suspended on the cut-out portion which leads to relief from pressure thence resolving coccydynia.

There are several other types of coccyx cushion. You have the freedom to choose which one brings forth maximum amount of comfort. With ample amount of knowledge on your condition and as well as on choosing various types of coccyx cushion, you are spared from suffering from coccydynia and you can breathe through life much easily.

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