5 Common Mistakes that Worsen Coccyx Pain

If you have ever experienced coccyx or tailbone pain, you probably know how annoying is to try to get pain relief. Some patients experience coccydynia or inflammation of the tailbone and pain in the region between the buttocks only temporarily. Yet for some individuals, tenderness and pain are on-going and may be quite acute.

5 Common Mistakes that Worsen Coccyx Pain

No matter whether your pain is due to a known injury or overexertion or it’s more of a chronic condition without having visible cause, there are different ways to avoid making the pain involved in coccydynia worse. Sadly, there are also mistakes people generally make that really worsen the situation and intensify pain.

You can remain as comfortable as possible by staying away from the following 5 mistakes that can give you coccyx pain:

1. Sitting for very long durations
Sitting for too long time periods is among the main factor for worsen coccyx pain. So, Take regular breaks from sitting and either stand or kneel as an alternative as often as you need to as long as you need to in order to avoid tailbone pain.

2. Feeling self-conscious
People usually bother about standing up while some others are sitting down and allow feelings of shame to keep them from avoiding pain. No matter whether you are at a church service, work conference, musical performance or movie theater, if standing up will relieve pain and also you know it – don’t stay sitting. Most persons are aware that sitting down for long periods is painful for those who possess certain back problems. Therefore, If someone is irritated because of your standing, it’s their issue – not yours.

3. Neglecting to use a coccyx cushion
A specially designed coccyx cushion can help you prevent pain whenever you’re sitting. By using this special cushion, which includes cut out in the back, where your tailbone would usually rest on the chair’s base. Preventing that pressure can make a big difference between severe tailbone pain and pain-free sitting.

4. Not utilizing a coccyx cushion regularly
Once you realise a special seating cushion can help you reduce pain, you will want to use it all the time, right? The issue is, people don’t. They don’t prefer to carry one around in public, or they “neglect” to place one in the car. If you are serious about avoiding coccyx pain for a long time, you must use a coccyx cushion whenever you sit for e.g. during driving, at the office, when you go outside to restaturant and just about anywhere else you may go where you will be sitting.

5. Using the inappropriate type of cushion for coccyx pain
Cushions that are created to offer lower back support or reduce low back pain won’t be the same as coccyx pain cushions. They may cause equally as much tailbone pain as ignoring to use a cushion at all. So-called “donut” cushions are still wrongly recommended for use to reduce coccyx pain. In fact, you’ll need a cushion that’s cut out at the back to prevent putting strain on the coccyx. Wedge-shaped pillows that are cut out also work very well for many people.