Donut Pillow : A Great Pain Relieving Seating Cushion

Sitting for very long hours in an uncomfortable chair can turn out to be an extremely painful experience. If you must remain seated throughout the whole day, then you should have to use the Inflatable Donut Pillow that has been specifically developed to offer the support to the body so that you stay comfortable. Its unique design ensures comfort and support for your lower part and the whole in its middle puts no strain on your coccyx area (the tailbone).

Donut Pillow : A Great Pain Relieving Seating Cushion

The ergonomic design of the memory foam Donut Seat Cushion enables you to sit lowering the force in the coccyx area. The donut pillows are great for:-

  • post-natal discomfort
  • post-operative pain
  • haemorrhoids
  • Pregnancy pain relief
  • bruised coccyx, broken coccyx (tail bone) and general coccyx pain
  • hip bursitis
  • prostrate inflammation
  • general anal pain
  • other painful conditions

Main Features of Donut Seat Cushion :-

1. Relieve Pain by Lowering Pressure :- 

This comfortable cushion has a Donut Shape that guarantees you support for your bottom and the empty space in the centre gives you also redirects the weight of your body in an equally while avoiding force on lower body and legs. The Donut Pillow is built to reduce the pressure a normal chair puts on the pelvic floor, which leads to

  • Increase of healthy blood circulation and oxygen to affected body organ
  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • Lower discomfort and provides pain relief

2. Dual-Layer Cushion Provides Support and comfort

The Donut Pillow is made from dual foam layers with center doughnut hole shape cutouts. A strong, durable bottom layer offers full support even on softer surfaces for instance a couch, while a soft top Foam Layer provides complete sitting ease and comfort.

3. Highly versatile

The Donut Cushions are extremely versatile, because it can be used at home, on your travels, in hospital, at work place, wheelchair – anyplace you sit. Therefore donut cushion is the ideal travel companion.

How to use Donut Pillow to Get Good Results 

  1. Place your donut cushion on the seat of the chair.
  2. Make sure that the cushion is placed in center of the seat, and the back of the donut cushion should touching that area, where the chair’s seat and back support meet.
  3. Now, Sit on the donut cushion, ensuring that your tailbone is centered over the cushion’s hole.
  4. Once seated on the donut cushion, lean forward slightly rather than lying back to further decrease tailbone pressure.

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