Available Treatment Options for Coccyx Pain

Available Treatment Options for Coccyx PainIt is imperative that you immediately consult your doctor when you felt pain over the coccyx. You cannot right away conclude that you are suffering from coccydynia when pain is felt on your lower back, especially around the coccyx area. There may also be other pathological conditions which have the same manifestations as coccydynia such as shingles. Consulting your doctor would help lead to early detection. Thus, prompt treatment can be rendered. Commonly, coccydynia can be treated with:

1. Bed Rest– If you want to give yourself a first-aid relief for coccydynia then you have to rest in bed temporarily and avoid strenuous activities which may trigger coccydynia.

2. Painkillers – The primary aim of treating coccydynia is to alleviate the pain and ease the patient from discomfort. There are several analgesics available to help promote optimum comfort to the patient.

3. Steroid Injections – Steroids may also be injected over the buttocks to halt the ongoing inflammatory process.

4. Hot Sitz Bath – A hot sitz bath may also relieve the discomfort because this promotes bronchodilation. Just be cautious when dealing with hot water though. Be sure to test the water first before sitting on it.

5. Manual Realignment – The spine may also be manually realigned by a professional to relieve coccydynia.

6. Massage – A careful massage over the affected area would help calm the nerves.

7. Physical Therapy – The main target of physical therapy as a treatment for coccydynia is to help strengthen the pelvic muscles; thereby, reducing pain. Other forms of therapy are heat therapy and massage therapy.

8. Coccyx Cushion– There are also orthopedic coccyx cushions designed for those who suffer from coccydynia. There are several types of coccyx cushion available in the market. Some of them are memory foam, inflatable, ring, wedge and sloping coccyx cushions. These coccyx cushions are individually designed to suit your condition for maximum comfort.

9. Surgical Resection of the Coccyx – Whenever coccydynia is not relieved with these conventional modes of treatment, surgical resection of the coccyx may be indicated. The irritated bony prominence is usually removed during this procedure. This procedure is rarely indicated though.